FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How long does dry ice last?

There are many variables that can change the life expectancy of dry ice. The most important factor is the type of container you store it in. The better the container the longer the dry ice will last, however; since it is a solid returning to its gas state it will not stay in its solid form forever. It is common for 10 lbs of dry ice to last close to 24 hours in a well isnulated cooler that stays closed.

Will it last longer if I store it in my freezer?

Storing it in a freezer will have very little effect on the dissapation rate and we strongly adivse against storing it in residential freezers as it can damage your freezer

How do I handle dry ice?

In small quantities dry ice can be handled with insulated gloves in a well ventilated area

Can I put it in drinks?

Our dry ice is food grade and made from the same C02 as major soda pop distributors, however; we advise against putting this in drinks because if swallowed in its solid format could cause serious injuries or death.

How much does it cost?

Fraser Valley Dry Ice charges for our product based on the weight. All of our dry ice products can be purchased online and prices are always current and up to date. To review our current products and prices please click here.

Do you sell containers for the dry ice?

Yes, we sell styrofoam containers on our website that hold approximatley 20 lbs of dry ice each. Please visit our store by clicking here.

How should I store dry ice?

In a dry, cool , well ventilated area such as a garage.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order requirement for 16mm pellets or slices. There is a minimum order of 30 lbs for 3mm rice pellets as they are special order.